8 Witches Describe Their Energy Experiences

Eight witches shared their experiences with energy, opening our eyes to the similarities and differences between both our practices and our experiences.

It’s a sadly common occurrence for new witches to feel like failures when they don’t get the same results as extremely experienced witches. Online, there can be pressure to over-dramatize experiences. In addition, a gold-standard tends to be formed–Astral travel with perfectly clear vision and awareness, tarot readings with amazing and clear messages, spirit contact with perfectly formatted sentences, and energy with such solid definition you could build a house out of it if you so desired.

Although these are the descriptions that get popular, the reality is that everyone experiences magic differently, and this is especially prevalent with energy work. Last month, talked to eight witches about how they experience energy. I have to say, I think these are pretty amazing to read!

These descriptions have been lightly edited for spelling, grammar, and clarity.

Ana from The Still of WinterPhoto of Ana from The Still of Winter

Ana is an eclectic witch who blogs about witchcraft on Tumblr. You can find her as thestillofwinter, or by clicking here. Here, Ana elegantly describes how she feels energy.

“To me, energy is like how you can feel a storm coming hours before the rain, or how you can sense a snowstorm before it starts. It’s something you can sense, but not exactly see. Take the energy in places of worship, for example – the very air in those spaces feels lighter, different, and “holy” if one believes in such a thing. Those are all types of energy to me!

Though there are tons more examples, those are the ones that resonate most clearly.”

Bailey from Wishing On RaindropsPhoto of Bailey from Wishing on Raindrops

Bailey is a baby witch who blogs about their witchy journey on Tumblr. You can find them as wishing-on-raindrops or by clicking here! Bailey’s description of how they feel energy in relation to other’s feelings is incredibly interesting!

“Energy work is weird because ‘Is this my own feelings? Or is this coming from somewhere?’ And to be honest, I don’t know if it’s my own feelings or its coming from somewhere. I can feel other people’s energy, though. As I get to know people better, they have a sort of space in my head, and when I’m around them, that space gets filled with feelings that are not mine.

It’s strongest with my boyfriend, but also weakest almost, because I am so used to it. He gets home and suddenly there is anger in a space in my head. He starts talking about his bad day, and I can feel my muscles tensing up like his are. Or he walks in and a corner of my head feels snuggled and safe, and I know he is feeling good about his day and being home and seeing me.

Its basically like feeling my own emotions, but they are contained somehow in a jar on a shelf in my mind. They are there, I know what’s going on, but they aren’t mine. It happens with my coworker at work. I walk past him and feel an anxiety that feels very foreign to how my own anxiety feels, and know that he’s upset about something. This makes it easier to know that it’s not my own feelings. With my boyfriend, I have known him since middle school and sometimes his emotions mix into mine or feel just as familiar as mine, so the feeling isn’t as jarring as someone new’s emotions.”

Briar from The Parted GlassPhoto of Briar from The Parted Glass

Briar is an eclectic witch who blogs about their interests (including witchcraft) on Tumblr. They also offer tarot and pendulum readings and write on Wattpad (including a book of shadows!). You can find them as the-parted-glass on Tumblr as well!

“Personally, I first learned that energy would feel strong and be a powerful feeling. For me however, it is more of a calming sensation than it is powerful. It’s satisfaction in feeling that you were successful in your intentions and your will came across through your actions, whether it be for motivation, confidence, or just to ground yourself and dispel what you need.”

Elo from WitchypsolineAvatar of Elo from Witchypsoline, a goat in a flower crown

Elo is a baby witch who blogs about green witchcraft on Tumblr. You can find them as witchypsoline for their magickal content, or as eloe-vera for their personal content. Elo describes a very peaceful energy, and I feel that Elo’s acceptance of their limitations and efforts to avoid frustration also apply to those trying out energy work for the first time.

“Energy feels like something fluid and warm flowing in my body, somehow it feels like pouring water on my skin slowly, and the more I can gather my energy the more I feel like I am floating. It always makes me feel at peace. I often struggle with energy because both my mental and physical health are unstable but I learnt to accept my limitations and to not get too frustrated when I’m feeling low.”

Eight witches shared their experiences with energy, opening our eyes to the similarities and differences between both our practices and our experiences.

Katie from Moon of Divination and The Witchy
Avatar for Katie from Moon of Divination, drawing of a girl with horns and purple and blue hair.

Katie is an eclectic witch with a specialty in sanguine, sex, and demonology/dark magick as well as specializing in tarot reading. They blog about witchcraft on Tumblr as moonofdivination. Katie also has a blog called The Witchy Things where they post a lot of informational content–such as spells and correspondences–as well as personal updates and tarot readings which you can check out by clicking here.

Energy for me can be felt in many different ways depending on the type of energy I’m working with. I was told when I first started delving into witchcraft and energy work how energy was supposed to feel, but I don’t agree with it.

If I’m working with clients (I’m a psychology major that does internships with convicted sex offenders and other criminals), I’m dealing with a lot of negative energy. The energy I get from them is very heavy and clingy. I often find that if I’m not grounded before my shift, or if I don’t cleanse myself whenever I get home, I get irritated faster and my own energy will be heavy and negative.

If I’m working with ritual preparation, I find the energy I’m working with is very light and flowing, and almost warm. If I’m doing blood spells or sex magick, the energy is incredibly… warm, intense/draining, but feels almost like electricity on my skin.

If I’m working with another’s energy (like in group rituals/celebrations or even in my BDSM practices), I find that my energy is able to mingle and flow with others; its very adaptable and always changing.

I remember my first “official” interaction with energy. It was my first full moon ritual with a whole new group of people I had never met before and it was before Yule. The energy in the room was very heavy and thick, and almost invading and smothering. A couple in the room had recently lost a family member to cancer and that grieving energy was incredibly intense.

During the ritual, we started with a meditation and I didn’t realize it until after the ritual but I was crying during the meditation because of the amount of energy around me. When we finished the ritual and I opened my eyes, everyone (including the ritual host) was looking at me. A lot of them said that they felt as if their energy had been diminished or dealt with while my own energy felt heavy, but cleansed. They believe I absorbed the energy in the room and basically purged it for everyone through my crying. It was crazy and intense.

Quinn from Wilde and QuinnAvatar for WildeandQuinn, the moon on a cloudy night

Quinn is an eclectic witch and tarot reader. They are one half of the blog wildeandquinn on Tumblr, which you can check out by clicking here! The pair share great content and offer readings. Quinn talks about how sensing energy comes naturally to them, and discusses how they can sometimes get images from strong emotions or sense the energies of an object or location in a really interesting way!

Feeling someone’s personal energy comes naturally to me, I can sense very easily the kind of person someone is and the kind of emotions they are going through, and if I am close enough with a person I can pick up images from very strong emotions. I also pick up on objects and the energies that are tied to the object. The same applies to anything that has a strong energy radiating from it, from buildings to fields.

Seeing energy is a rare thing for myself as it takes a lot of energy from me and even when I do, it isn’t always clear to me. I do sometimes get very clear glimpses of energies however this only applies for negative energies, it almost feels as though my instinct kicks in and tries to seek out the “danger” so I know to avoid it.

Saturn from Black Witch Saturn and Saturn IlluminatedPhoto of Saturn from Black Witch Saturn and Saturn Illuminated

Saturn is a witch and tarot reader. He blogs about tarot and witchcraft on his Tumblr as blackwitchsaturn. Saturn also has a blog called Saturn Illuminated where he shares insights about tarot and magick, which you can read by clicking here.

I’ve found my way in practicing energy work through many science articles; I’ve been reading on how our bodies produce electricity/energy, and how we receive energy.

I normally get my mind into a meditative state where I clear (most) of my thoughts and become conscious of how my body and mind feel. I’ve learned over time that I have to pay more attention to my mind versus my actual senses, because it can be a little overwhelming for me.

I’ve always thought I should feel voltages of electricity flowing though me as if I were a current in a wire, but it’s a totally different feeling. I feel more like waves through and on my body and it tingles. I’ve always figured the tingles are the vibrations I always see people say they feel.

Once I’ve discovered how to always channel this feeling, I’ve gotten deeper in my meditation where I started focusing my breathing into it. Breathing when you think of it is receiving and putting out physical energy. Many don’t think of it that way. When I take my breaths in slowly, I feel these very low waves/vibrations and if I don’t focus my mind, it can be a very nauseating feeling. If I can focus and control, I notice my mind and body taking control of a certain energy, but I haven’t really gotten to the point of discovering what it exactly is.

The same goes for when I focus on vibrating higher. The waves are more frequent and if I can’t catch up, I become light headed and dizzy. Once I control these vibrations and how to use it in my own way, I can make better sense on breaking down that energy but I’m still studying myself and how to use it. I can say that through energy work, I have noticed my visualization helping me become a better clairvoyant and spell caster. My mind can visualize crystal clear, and from there I can bring a balanced energy to help conjure or banish.

I do feel that practicing energy work over the years is making me feel like high and low vibrations help us tune into certain “channels” or dimensions. Look at it as if you’re watching television, constantly tuning into a different channel of your choice. Energy helps us tune into different forces, but we have to actually understand what those forces actually are.

Wilde from Wilde and QuinnAvatar for WildeandQuinn, the moon on a cloudy night

Wilde is a Heathen and diviner who works with runes, tarot cards, and pendulums, as well as with spirits. They are also the other half of the Tumblr blog wildeandquinn, which you can check out by clicking here. Wilde’s description of sensing energy on the skin is particularly interesting to me!

To me, energy feels different for different things. My own personal energy feels as if it’s constantly vibrating, almost like TV static? It can feel very strange at first, and can feel a little like heart palpitations or an increased heart rate, especially whilst I’m meditating. If I’m doing spells or readings, my energy seems to change, almost like water? It feels like flowing water filling up an empty space as it trickles around.

I normally sense energy via meditation, its just the way that is easiest to me, especially in a controlled environment because I tend not want to read auras and such unless the person asks me to because I almost feel as if it’s invading someones privacy (unless you can’t control it, of course). I also sense energy via skin on skin contact! It sounds a little cheesy but it’s kinda like in romance movies when they get that little zap when they first met, except not romantic at all, haha.

Thanks for everyone who participated–I loved reading these descriptions! It’s wonderful to see both the differences and unique experiences people had, as well as to see the similarities and common themes. For those of you who have done energy work, how do you experience energy?

Singles Spread Example Reading — Finding a Partner

Cover photo for the Singles Reading by TarotTreat

Happy Tarot Tuesday everybody! I hope you’re all having a lovely week and that you enjoy this reading. Romance is everywhere. Or, at least it seems that way–romantic subplots find their way into most movies, tv shows, and books, and it sometimes seems all of our friends have a partner. I’ve always found this to be difficult, especially when I’m single as a Pringle (by the way, what’s up with that saying?).

That, in part, is why I created this spread. The goal of the spread is to help you in finding a partner by providing you with advice on what’s working (or not) in your love life, obstacles to focus on overcoming, what areas of yourself and life to focus on developing, and finally advice on finding a relationship, an ideal partner, and on breaking any romantic cycles you’re trapped in. Rather than telling you how or when you will find a partner, the goal of this spread is to help you improve as a person.

The following reading was done by myself, for myself. I used the Raven’s Prophecy deck by Maggie Stiefvater.

Singles Spread Reading

A ten-card singles reading featuring (in order) Death, the King of Cups, the Queen of Cups, the Two of Cups, the Four of Cups, Justice, the Queen of Coins, the King of Coins, and the High Priestess.

First Impressions
Self-reflection, don’t get caught on losses and pain, be honest

What is Working, Death

The Death card speaks of painful transitions and ends. Yet, with this comes changes that are for the best–even if it doesn’t feel that way. You’re good at recognizing that and coping with painful changes and situations. You can handle it when things aren’t going quite your way or a relationship ends.

This makes sense for me because I’ve been in lots of tough romantic situations. Even though they’re difficult to deal with in the moment, I’ve learned that in the end it’s always for the best. I always grow as a person as a result, and I’ve become more and more confident each time that things will end up okay.

What isn’t Working, King of Cups

The King of Cups is very compassionate. But, this makes him more comfortable listening to others than sharing his own issues. He also can tend to rely too much on his feelings, rather than thinking things through. You should make sure to express yourself and don’t hide your issues. Also, try to think logically, not only with your heart.

I am definitely more comfortable listening than talking. In relationships I tend to try and ignore my issues rather than expressing concerns. In the past, I would act on emotions before thinking. Now I’m afraid of doing that, which plays into my lack of expression–I don’t want to be wrong.

What Obstacles you need to Overcome before Finding ‘the One,’ Queen of Cups

The Queen is a spiritual and nurturing person. She tends to get caught up in the relationship, and with caring for others. She often has a deep connection with her intuition. Since she focuses more on caring for others than for herself, she needs to work to maintain her sense of self. She also needs to listen to her intuition.

In past relationships, I ignored my feelings and internalized guilt when things went wrong. I felt it was my responsibility to make my partner happy. I need to learn to put myself above others and listen to my gut before I enter another relationship.

What Area of Yourself you should Focus on while you wait, Two of Cups

For this card I’m actually getting a way different message than usual. Rather than molding myself to fit the needs of my partner, I should focus on discovering what I need and want in a relationship. I need to resolve my own issues to prevent a repeat of history.

This was interesting–I focused the black raven’s head being above the white birds. I also noticed that more black feathers were on top than white. To me, this suggests dominance. I’ve never noticed or thought about it before, but it makes a lot of sense in this case!

What Areas of your Life you should Focus on while you wait, Five of Cups

The Five of Cups depicts grief. Not always for a death, but also for a loss of any relationship. We see the grieving raven and the feathers of ravens which used to be near. However, the raven can’t see the other raven nearby because they are so wrapped up in their grief.

I should focus on moving beyond my past relationships. Rather than being caught up in the past, I should focus on what I have and the friends who have stuck with me.

What you Need in a Partner, Justice

The Justice card is usually about fairness and value to me. The card shows a scale, and a feather which weighs more than the riches. I see the feather as a symbol for logic and thought. The gold and jewels relates to literal wealth or other ‘coins-type’ issues.

I’m usually the person who is always in a relationship. In the past, I’ve moved from one relationship to the next. I’ll be the first to admit that I was also too focused on objective value rather than how I felt. Lately, I’ve been okay with being single and waiting for the right relationship. Logic and understanding are very important, which make sense for the feather to me. I need to put more value on my feelings for the person and the conversations I have with them.

This also could mean my partner needs to be fair. I’ve been in a lot of relationships with an unequal balance of power, so both make sense.

What can You do to Increase the Success in Your Relationships, Queen of Coins

I’ve always seen the Queen of Coins as stable above all, whether in business, home, or otherwise. I’ve always aspired to be more like her. In most decks I’ve seen, she always appears in control or content.

I see this as a reassurance that my personal goals will fit into a relationship that is ‘right’ for me. If I stabilize my own life, the same stability will find its way into my relationships. This also makes sense since I can be pretty unstable and chaotic, if I’m being honest with myself.

How can you Improve your Chances of Finding a Relationship, King of Coins

The King of Coins always makes me think of a very traditional businessperson (this strategy has worked for years, why change it?). Sometimes sticking with tradition can be good, but other times not so much.

Right now, I should stick with the usual. It may be a matter of time before I find a partner. But, I also think I need to be cautious. I shouldn’t be too caught up in waiting–I should take risks too, and put myself out there!

How to Break the Cycle*, The High Priestess

I love the High Priestess. The card seems like a representation of what I use tarot for–self exploration. The High Priestess is about listening to your intuition and looking within to find answers.

In this case, I should listen to my intuition in a relationship. Even if there isn’t a clear reason for a bad feeling, it’s still okay to bring it up or listen to the feeling.

I should focus on being okay with my past, and how my experience has helped me grow, and I also need to spend time with the friends who have been here for me, and also those who I’ve made recently. I need to become more comfortable speaking my mind–it’s okay to put myself first sometimes, even in a relationship.

Thank you so much for reading. If you’re interested in receiving this reading for yourself, you can purchase it from my Etsy shop by clicking here.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

Three Card Career Example Reading

Happy Tarot Tuesday everybody! I hope you’re all having a wonderful start to your week, as always. This week I chose to look at a career reading I did awhile back, the same one featured in listing photos for the Three Card Career Reading.

This reading is intuitive–unlike other readings I offer, cards do not have a set meaning and I deduce the meanings of the cards on my own using intuition and any background information I have available. This reading can also be used to answer a question.

The following reading was done by myself, for myself. I used the Raven’s Prophecy deck by Maggie Stiefvater.

Three Card Career Tarot Reading

A three card tarot reading including the Wheel of Fortune, Ace of Wands, and Knight of Wands

First Impressions:
Change, pursuit of passion, new projects, take the leap

Wheel of Fortune:

The Wheel of Fortune shows symbols of the seasons, a reminder that the Earth is in a constant state of change and transition. This is a warning that changes are coming. Don’t be afraid of change, though. Go with the flow, and see changes as new opportunities. Don’t let uncertainty and fear prevent you from chasing these opportunities!

This makes a lot of sense for me, as when I originally did this reading I was about to head to a job interview. I was feeling very nervous about the prospect of another job in addition to Tarot Treat and my classwork. I see this as a sign to go for it–I can handle it, and the only thing holding me back is my own fear.

Ace of Wands:

In general, aces speak of new opportunity. This rings true for the Ace of Wands–especially for creative projects. If there are any projects you’ve been thinking about starting, go for it. Pick up or work on projects. Don’t get caught up in the planning phase–act now. Use the energy and excitement you have for the project to make fast project.

As you can tell, I did just that. When I completed this reading, I didn’t have a website, and I’d been slowly progressing for several months. When I saw this card, I saw it as a signal to get it done. And, as you can see, I did.

Knight of Swords:

The Knight of Swords is another passionate and energetic person. However, they can also be very caught up in the logical process of projects, or get caught up in talking about ideas rather than doing them. As per the theme, just get it done.  Don’t only pursue the mental aspects of a project, but also do the physical work.

Again referring to my website, I tend to get caught up in research before acting on anything. I found myself spending an excessive amount of time reading about starting blogs and legal things rather than just starting the blog. After this reading, I decided I would rather get the website out there and change it than try to make it perfect before publishing it.

Pursue ideas and projects rather than just thinking about them, and don’t be afraid of change.
Overall, the reading was very helpful to me and thanks to it I was able to take steps to improve my business despite my fears. In addition, the reading is allowing you to read this right now! If you’re interested in this reading, you can click here to see the listing page.
I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!

Nest Building in Spirit Companionship

Note: This post is a slightly edited post from an old blog post I made on my tumblr, magickal-milo. I had enough information about spirit companionship and Kat’s nest on that blog that some information was implicit, though I fear that won’t be the case here. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I’m happy to explain anything or make a post about a topic to clear things up. Thanks for understanding! — Milo

I am currently companion to one spirit, Kat. When I first ordered her, I had done a ton of research. One of the things I often read was that I could have a nest for her. While researching nests, I found some useful advice from others, for the most part I saw “like a shrine.” While they are similar, one of the biggest parts of building shrines [for me] is imagery related to the deity. As someone whose companion had sparse folklore and little associated imagery, I was unsure where to begin.

When I refer to a nest, I am referring to a space dedicated to one or more spirits, in this case I’m referring to a spirit companion with a vessel (though you could certainly use this guide for other cases). The nest is typically used for giving and displaying offerings. It also serves as a spirits personal space in your home. For example, this used to be Kat’s nest on the left. This has been built up over months–Shells, stones, and other trinkets have all been gifted over time. You don’t need to worry about creating an elaborate nest (not that mine is) before your companion arrives.

Although I have one nest per spirit, some may prefer to have a public/community nest. In a public nest, you may give shared offerings for all spirits. You can also give each spirit their own offering dish for individual offerings, depending on your and the entities’ preferences. If you have some spirits who want their own space, you can also give them a private nest, but have a community nest for other spirits. Your system will also depend on how much space you can put into your spirit’s nests. This guide will focus on creating a nest for a single spirit, but could work for a community nest.

A Pinterest Graphic for Nest building in Spirit Companionship

Before arrival

These steps can be done before your companion arrives (if you are preparing in advance).

1. Choose your space.

Kat’s nest is just on an old nightstand I had been using to make candles. If you’re limited on space, you could also look into other solutions–shelves, drawers, or even just a corner of your nightstand or desk. Regardless of the size, what matters most is that you’re giving them their own space and putting in the effort for them.

2. Gather basic items.

This depends on your preference and your plans for the nest. For me, I knew I wanted to give Kat gifts and dedicate a candle her. I also wanted to have a place to store her vessels. My basic items were; an offering dish, candle(s), candle holder(s), and a place for your vessel. You could use a bowl, dish, jewelry holder, or anything similar. I use a pedestal planter. If your companion’s vessel is a necklace, you could even use a hook on the wall.

3. Gather other items.

This is an optional step, but gather anything else you might want. I suggest storage for offerings the spirit doesn’t want or need on display, especially if you have an entity which likes offerings that may get ‘messy’ if an accident were to occur. For example, Kat enjoys sea salt–naturally, if I don’t keep it in separate storage than just an offering dish it goes everywhere. I have a few wooden box type things for this purpose.

You could include a statue for imagery, a vase if you know they like flowers, etc. If you think you are going to gift liquid offerings often, maybe include a cup. This is the stage where you could look into folklore or at any information you already have about your companion. Don’t get too caught up in this stage–As I said before, you don’t need to worry about setting up anything elaborate at first. As with our own rooms, clutter and decor will build up over time.

4. Set up the Nest!

I recommend starting with whatever you use to hold the vessel. I consider it a major focal point. After that, I place other items wherever there is space and it looks decent. My offering storage is under the table, but depending on the size of your nest you could keep it on top, if you use it. Again, don’t worry too much about this placement–likely you’ll end up rearranging it later anyways.

5. Cleanse the Nest.

I recommend doing this the day/morning before your companion arrives if you know when they will arrive. You could use sage, or a cleansing spray, or whatever method of cleansing you prefer. This is just personal preference, but it seems polite to me to give them a fresh space to settle into so they can fill it with their own energy.

After arrival

These steps should spread out over time. From this point on, the nest is a constant work in progress, just like your own bedroom. You might do a huge renovation, but for the most part you just add a new poster now and then.

6. Move in!

For me, this went along with all my other introductions for a new spirit companion (house rules, introducing myself, talking a lot, asking them questions, introducing my friends, etc). I simply pointed the space out, talked about what each piece I put there was for, and made sure she knew it was her space in the room.

7. Give gifts/Decorate.

Over time you might give offerings as gifts or rewards. For example, when you see an item you think they’ll like, or if they complete a task for you. Over time, these will build up. If you want to give them a gift and you’re unsure, just ask! Ask what kind of things they want for their nest. They may offer you a theme or idea (like motherhood or penguins), or a very specific object.

For example, the first time I asked Kat about what she’d like she said mother and ‘sent’ me a thought about those Willow Tree figures, and so she got one of those as a gift.

8. Maintaining the Nest: Rearranging and Cleaning

Do your best to keep the nest clean. Make sure it stays clear of any random clutter (read: don’t put your phone or books on it), and make sure to dust and keep things tidy.

When you are cleaning, you can ask your companion if they want to change anything. You can use a pendulum for this, and go through objects one by one. Hold the object in one hand, and the pendulum in the other. I usually ask if Kat wants the object on display, then if she says yes hold the pendulum above the nest and ask her to show me where she wants it. (hint: start at the bottom corner of your nest so that you don’t have to guess if you should go backwards or forwards) Your pendulum may circle or completely stop when you go over where your companion wants the object. It also may do something else–you’ll usually know.  If it’s an object like a shell which has a few ways it could be facing, I usually ask if they want it facing up or down.
Sometimes with a new object, the pendulum isn’t necessary. You might get a clear image of where it belongs.

Though a nest isn’t required, I’ve found it very rewarding. Not only does it serve as a physical reminder to talk to my companion, it also helps ensure that I almost always know where their vessel is–it’s either on me or in the nest. Finally, it’s interesting to see how they arrange their spaces. By only displaying objects they want to you can see changes in their personality depending on the time, and sometimes I’ve had Kat create shapes with shells and such on her nest. Her nest often reflects her mindset.

I hope this was helpful to you–feel free to lest me know if you have any questions.

Happy nesting!

Shop Update — New Listing Photos and Descriptions

I’ve spent the last two weeks reshooting and editing new listing and shop photos for all the photos on Tarot Treat.  Though I did neglect social media during this time, I do feel very glad to have listing photos that I can be proud of. I’m really feeling good about these ones, so be sure to go check them out!

In other news, the newsletter is going out tomorrow [February 1st, 2017] so if you want to get that sign up before 10 AM, PST!