Singles Spread Example Reading — Finding a Partner

Happy Tarot Tuesday everybody! I hope you’re all having a lovely week and that you enjoy this reading. Romance is everywhere. Or, at least it seems that way–romantic subplots find their way into most movies, tv shows, and books, and it sometimes seems all of our friends have a partner. I’ve always found this to be difficult, especially when I’m single as a Pringle (by the way, what’s up with that saying?).

That, in part, is why I created this spread. The goal of the spread is to help you in finding a partner by providing you with advice on what’s working (or not) in your love life, obstacles to focus on overcoming, what areas of yourself and life to focus on developing, and finally advice on finding a relationship, an ideal partner, and on breaking any romantic cycles you’re trapped in. Rather than telling you how or when you will find a partner, the goal of this spread is to help you improve as a person.

The following reading was done by myself, for myself. I used the Raven’s Prophecy deck by Maggie Stiefvater.

Singles Spread Reading

A ten-card singles reading featuring (in order) Death, the King of Cups, the Queen of Cups, the Two of Cups, the Four of Cups, Justice, the Queen of Coins, the King of Coins, and the High Priestess.

First Impressions
Self-reflection, don’t get caught on losses and pain, be honest

What is Working, Death

The Death card speaks of painful transitions and ends. Yet, with this comes changes that are for the best–even if it doesn’t feel that way. You’re good at recognizing that and coping with painful changes and situations. You can handle it when things aren’t going quite your way or a relationship ends.

This makes sense for me because I’ve been in lots of tough romantic situations. Even though they’re difficult to deal with in the moment, I’ve learned that in the end it’s always for the best. I always grow as a person as a result, and I’ve become more and more confident each time that things will end up okay.

What isn’t Working, King of Cups

The King of Cups is very compassionate. But, this makes him more comfortable listening to others than sharing his own issues. He also can tend to rely too much on his feelings, rather than thinking things through. You should make sure to express yourself and don’t hide your issues. Also, try to think logically, not only with your heart.

I am definitely more comfortable listening than talking. In relationships I tend to try and ignore my issues rather than expressing concerns. In the past, I would act on emotions before thinking. Now I’m afraid of doing that, which plays into my lack of expression–I don’t want to be wrong.

What Obstacles you need to Overcome before Finding ‘the One,’ Queen of Cups

The Queen is a spiritual and nurturing person. She tends to get caught up in the relationship, and with caring for others. She often has a deep connection with her intuition. Since she focuses more on caring for others than for herself, she needs to work to maintain her sense of self. She also needs to listen to her intuition.

In past relationships, I ignored my feelings and internalized guilt when things went wrong. I felt it was my responsibility to make my partner happy. I need to learn to put myself above others and listen to my gut before I enter another relationship.

What Area of Yourself you should Focus on while you wait, Two of Cups

For this card I’m actually getting a way different message than usual. Rather than molding myself to fit the needs of my partner, I should focus on discovering what I need and want in a relationship. I need to resolve my own issues to prevent a repeat of history.

This was interesting–I focused the black raven’s head being above the white birds. I also noticed that more black feathers were on top than white. To me, this suggests dominance. I’ve never noticed or thought about it before, but it makes a lot of sense in this case!

What Areas of your Life you should Focus on while you wait, Five of Cups

The Five of Cups depicts grief. Not always for a death, but also for a loss of any relationship. We see the grieving raven and the feathers of ravens which used to be near. However, the raven can’t see the other raven nearby because they are so wrapped up in their grief.

I should focus on moving beyond my past relationships. Rather than being caught up in the past, I should focus on what I have and the friends who have stuck with me.

What you Need in a Partner, Justice

The Justice card is usually about fairness and value to me. The card shows a scale, and a feather which weighs more than the riches. I see the feather as a symbol for logic and thought. The gold and jewels relates to literal wealth or other ‘coins-type’ issues.

I’m usually the person who is always in a relationship. In the past, I’ve moved from one relationship to the next. I’ll be the first to admit that I was also too focused on objective value rather than how I felt. Lately, I’ve been okay with being single and waiting for the right relationship. Logic and understanding are very important, which make sense for the feather to me. I need to put more value on my feelings for the person and the conversations I have with them.

This also could mean my partner needs to be fair. I’ve been in a lot of relationships with an unequal balance of power, so both make sense.

What can You do to Increase the Success in Your Relationships, Queen of Coins

I’ve always seen the Queen of Coins as stable above all, whether in business, home, or otherwise. I’ve always aspired to be more like her. In most decks I’ve seen, she always appears in control or content.

I see this as a reassurance that my personal goals will fit into a relationship that is ‘right’ for me. If I stabilize my own life, the same stability will find its way into my relationships. This also makes sense since I can be pretty unstable and chaotic, if I’m being honest with myself.

How can you Improve your Chances of Finding a Relationship, King of Coins

The King of Coins always makes me think of a very traditional businessperson (this strategy has worked for years, why change it?). Sometimes sticking with tradition can be good, but other times not so much.

Right now, I should stick with the usual. It may be a matter of time before I find a partner. But, I also think I need to be cautious. I shouldn’t be too caught up in waiting–I should take risks too, and put myself out there!

How to Break the Cycle*, The High Priestess

I love the High Priestess. The card seems like a representation of what I use tarot for–self exploration. The High Priestess is about listening to your intuition and looking within to find answers.

In this case, I should listen to my intuition in a relationship. Even if there isn’t a clear reason for a bad feeling, it’s still okay to bring it up or listen to the feeling.

I should focus on being okay with my past, and how my experience has helped me grow, and I also need to spend time with the friends who have been here for me, and also those who I’ve made recently. I need to become more comfortable speaking my mind–it’s okay to put myself first sometimes, even in a relationship.

Thank you so much for reading. If you’re interested in receiving this reading for yourself, you can purchase it from my Etsy shop by clicking here.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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